• Short guidance screws ref. 2023-VG-CM-XX
    • Implantation/explantation ancillaries ref. 2023 et 2036
    • The percutaneous screw and their accessories: ref. 2036-VPx2 et VPx-M
    • Screwdriver ref 2036-TO ; 2036-TO-EXT-60
    • Percutaneous Monobloc Point ref. 2036-PMT-12
    • Stoppers ref. 2023-BU et 2036-BU
    • Drills ref 2023-FO et 2036-FO
    • The ALCIS stereotactic guides have been designed to ensure a precise guiding of surgical stereotactic tools such as drill, biopsy needle, screwdriver, etc., they are compatible with the main stereotactic systems; i.e. frames as well as surgical robots   (contact us to know compatible systems).

    • Short guidance screws:

      ALCIS short guidance screws can be used as bone fiducial during surgeries performed with robots. These screws are available in several length in order to adapt to the patient’s anatomy.


      References Length (mm) Material Packaging
      2023-VG-CM-10 10 Titane Box of 10 unitary pouch, sterile
      2023-VG-CM-15 15 Titane Box of 10 unitary pouch, sterile
      2023-VG-CM-20 20 Titane Box of 10 unitary pouch, sterile
      2023-VG-CM-25 25 Titane Box of 10 unitary pouch, sterile
      2023-VG-CM-30 30 Titane Box of 10 unitary pouch, sterile

      Single use – Class III medical device


      Implantation/explantation ancillaries:

      – Drill ref. 2023-FO-100-C1. For osseous drilling.

      – Suppressive guiding stopper ref. 2036-BU-25-RU-GSxx.

      For the control of drilling depth.

      – Screwdriver ref. 2023-TO-C-020. For the implantation of screws.

      – Wrench ref. 2023-CL-C. For the explantation of screws.

      Unitary packaging – non sterile

      Class I or III medical device


      The percutaneous screw and their accessories:

      The percutaneous screw and their accessories contribute to :


      – a reproducible fixation of stereotactic frame such as Leksell (using adaptation range 2051), Talairach one or similar (set with screw 2036-VP + spacer 2036-ENT or 2051-ENT),


      – the realization of MRI imaging (frameless imaging) by using:

      • (1) screw 2036-VPx2
      • (2) only screw 2036-VPx2-M (IRM marker + RX integrated)


      – the scanner imaging without any artefact and with the location of screw position (imaging with or without frame):

      • (1) screw 2036-VPx
      • (2) only screw 2036-VPx-M seule (MRI + RX marker integrated)


      References Designation Integrated marker L1 (mm) L3 (mm) L4 (mm) Material
      2036-VPA2 Adult No 19.0 14.5 9.0 Polymer
      2036-VPE2 Child 16.5 12.5 6.5 Polymer
      2036-VPA2-M Adult Yes 19.0 13.0 9.0 Polymer
      2036-VPE2-M Child 16.5 10.5 6.5 Polymer

      20 sterile units box packaged by pouch of 4 units.

      Class III medical device

      Set exclusively with a screwdriver ALCIS 2036-TO-III i n a osseous hole Ø 6 mm realizable with a drill such as ALCIS 2036-FO-III.


      Swrewdriver: 2036-TO

      To be use exclusively with the alcis percutaneous screw 2036-VPx.

      Proximal side designed for use with stereotactic frames provided with compatible guides (Ø D and centering length L). Supplied non sterile.


      Our reference : 2036-TO2-T080

      CE marked


      Swrewdriver: 2036-TO-EXT-60

      To be use exclusively with alcis percutaneous screw 2036-VP and Nataf adaptation kit (range 2051).

      Supplied non sterile.


      Our reference : 2036-TO-EXT-60

      CE marked


      Percutaneous Monobloc Point:

      Designed to be place at the distal extremity of micrometric stereotactic frame screw, they

      contribute to the frame fixing with patient head. Type PMP : Percutaneous Monobloc Point.

      Proximal side designed to be use with stereotactic frame equipped with guide or screw pillar compatible with centring of Ø 6 mm and length 10 mm. Supplied non sterile


      Our reference : 2036-PMP-12  Ø2.9mm

      CE marked


      Stoppers (range 2023-BU – 2036-BU) :

      Alcis stoppers allow to perform neurosurgical gestures with a security about insertion length of the tools (drill, dura coagulation electrode, screwdriver, etc.).


      Alcis has developed single use mobile stoppers, reusable mobile stoppers, and also reusable adjustable stoppers, adapted to the OD of the tool used.


      The mobile stoppers allow to set a fixed length of use of the tool. The adjustment of working is simply done by release and tightening of a screw or a knob (depending of the model), without tool.


      Reference Length (mm) Ø Material
      2036-BU-60-RU 13 >6.00 Acier
      2036-BU-25-RU 10 >2.5 Acier

      Class I Medical device – CE marked


      Adjustable stoppers allow to adjust progressively the working distance (drilling for example), gradually without tools and without the need to remove the tool from its holder.

      CE class I medical device or Is for single use models.


      Reference Length (mm) Ø Material
      2036-BRU-1-60-RU 70 to 100 6 Acier

      CE marked


      Drills (range 2023-FO – 2036-FO):


      Alcis proposes a wide range of drills, this allows to perform a large variety of neurosurgical interventions.

      Depending of your need, we can make cutom-made drills p to OD 6 mm within a maximal length of 250 mm.